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Extra photos I have received.

Place Mouse pointer over any photo for the photo number, if you can identify photo persons let me know.
All comments are always welcome. And MANY THANKS to those who have contributed to your site.

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photo 1

Joanne Lobsinger, Employee of the month November 2013, just loves her part time job as usher at Kitchener Memorial Auditorium.

photo 2

Unknown, Photo taken in the 1980's

photo 3

David Meisel January 4 2014 at Lowe's Waterloo stopped by the Dremel Demonstrators display, Dave was shopping for plumbing supplies. WHAT !.

photo 4

Tom Schanzenbacher, Bill Austin, Paul Barnes, Gerry , Lou Arruda .
Thanks to all that corrected the identifaction, I try to have all photo's correct.
schneidersgac at gmail dot com

photo 5

June 1990, Tito Guglielmi presents a Maintenance Employee of the month award to Merle St. Croix that was to be given monthly with a Plaque and a gift. This was the first, last, and only monthly maintenance award ever presented by Tito.

photo 6

I took this photo of Don Patterson at a recent Rangers Game "February 2014" , Don is a usher at the Kitchener Auditorium.

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photo 7

Betty Nowe sent me this photo of the Strike Sign, do you remember the date ? Where were you during the strike ?

photo 8

Photo from Betty Nowe, J.M.Schneiders ticket and wrist band.
Did you attend ? June 3 1990.

photo 9

Photo from Miln Krieger of her Mother, Almeda, in the Laundry department Courtland Ave. 1965 pressing coats on the steam press.

photo 10

Photo from Miln Krieger of Archie Krieger and Howard Turner in the Beef Cooler Courtland Ave. perhaps taken in the early 1950's.

photo 11

Willy Noecker with the famous cannon he made years ago and used to bring to the JMS mens picnic.

photo 12

Willy Noecker with his Parrot in the back yard of his home in Port Elgin.

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photo 13

I tried to get the Parrot to say goodbye when I left, but he just squacked.

photo 14

Ron Gross a CF Veteran who also worked for and retired from J.M.Schneider's Kitchener, was awarded The Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation in Mississauga by Julian Fantino Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada,on Friday October 24, 2014. Ron worked with Historica-Canada "The Memory Project," in the Regions schools in Remembrance Week. He presented many CF Reconnect programs in Southern Ontario to help veterans with an understanding of the new programs promoted by Veterans Affairs Canada, where he was the main speaker.

photo 15

These Reindeer and Santa were once on display above the employee entrance on the marquee

photo 16

Recieved from Ronald Gross August 11 2017, Left to Right, Ron Gross Dave Hahn, Fred Bruder, Victor ? , Photo taken at Knights of Columbus, Pork Cut Retirement Party, 1998.

photo 17

Received this photo from Alan Totzke, 21 June 2018.
Photo was taken the last month of JMS March 2015 and the last employees after production ceased.
Left to Right
Karyn Fagin, Amber Nicholson, Betti Hunt, Lydia Tavares, Tom Ludwig, (Dan Litwiller partially hidden) , Anna Eikert, Carolyn Drost, Carla Laubach, (unknown Finance) , Karen Trussler, Paul Bartosek, Judy Lee, Gary Dinkel, Stewart Campbell, Rick Larose, Lloyd Nichol, Morag Bowlby, Bob Howarth, Ildo Silveira, Alan Totzke
Missing: Jim Fokma, Bobbi Gunn, Karen Nisbet.

photo 18

Received this photo from Alan Totzke 21 June 2018
Text below from Alan Totzke »
I see under “hog kill” “schneidersgac/hog-kill.html, photo 24”, that you have an old aerial photo that is undated.
I have the same picture from Karen Trussler and the archives that I have as dated 1954.
I have attached the picture as it appears to be better quality.

photo 19

Here is a picture of my JMS model truck with the number 206 printed on the hood and me in a picture with the real number 206 that I used to drive. I just thought it was kind of neat to actually have driven the real truck that the model was made to resemble. Paul Brazeau, posted November 9 2022. Thanks for sharing Paul.

photo 20

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