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Jerry Brenner Retirement Party

Photos taken by David S
Please help me identify individuals in photos, hold your mouse pointer over any photo for the photo number, Thanks.

Photo 1

Keith Gonder, Ron Golden

photo 2

Verne McPeake speaking with Paul Hauck

photo 3

Bob Phillips, Dave Hooper

photo 4

Ward Schade

photo 5

Alf Thrower, Ward Schade, Stan Graham

photo 6

Jerome Hauck, Ward Schade, Larry Cybulskie

photo 7

Bob Anger

photo 8

center is Jerry with the huge smile and Keith waving his arm

photo 9

Mike Wilson, Paul Holdenmeyer, Sylvia Rocke, Deb Perrault

photo 10

Riv Clemmens, Ray Voll

photo 11

David Quast, David Hooper

photo 12

“unknown”, Gary Fromm, “unknown”

photo 13

“unknown”, Ron Golden, Dave Yensen

photo 14

Bob Phillips, Riv Clemmens, Heather Gillespie

photo 15

Jason Short and Stan Grahaml

photo 16

Verne, Jerry Sichewski, Mike Wilson in front of Mike is Deb Perrault.

photo 17 photo 18

Paul and Wayne