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137 Attend the Golden Age Club Dinner December 12 2012

Photos taken by David Schneider

Sorry I didn't get everyone's photo, however, if you have a photo you would like to add to this page, either send the .jpg file or, drop your photo in my mail slot with your name and email or phone number so I can return the prints.

Please help me identify individuals in photos, hold your mouse pointer over any photo for the photo number, Thanks.

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Photo 1

Susan and Rick Harrison, Carl Johnston,
Bill McGlynn.

photo 2

Bob Polai, Paul and Betty Brazeau.

photo 3

Delores, Monica.

photo 4

Judy Farwell, Larry and Deb Nafzinger,
Mildred Faulkner.

photo 5

Doreen and Jim Poser, Keith Rosenberger.

photo 6

Lyle and Norma Pfhol.

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photo 7

Garry Fromm, Paul Diebold, John Huber.

photo 8

Reg Anthony and spouse, Wayne Sheppard,
Glen Becker.

Photo 9

Bob and Dianne Anger.

photo 10


photo 11

Pat and Bob McCann.

photo 12

Larry Nafziger, Connie Hudder, Debbie Nafziger,
Mildred Faulkner.

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photo 13

Joan Radtke, Helen Hurlbut.

photo 14


photo 15

Dave Simon, Judy Susanna.

photo 16

unknown, (daughter) Debora and Wilfred Steffler.

Photo 17

unknown, (daughter) Debora, Wilfred Steffler,
Bill Haid.

photo 18

Bruce Reinhardt and Larry Cybulskie.

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photo 19

Nancy Payne, Elizabeth Schneider, Carol Frieburger.

photo 20

Gord Donald and Margaret Zehr.

photo 21

Elizabeth Reidel, and Marie.

photo 22

Joan Radtke.

photo 23

Clayton Puddester, Penny Doell, Dianne Puddester.

photo 24

Richard Zehr, Pat Berg.

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Photo 25

Anne Fontana.

photo 26

Anne Fontana.

photo 27

Louie Seschel, Hank and Shirley Duivibode, Maria Seschel (daughter) Sylvia Seschel.

photo 28

Jack Nolan ( bartender and previous JMS employee ).

photo 29

photo 30

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photo 31

photo 32

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