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Dennis Scheil Retirement Party at Elmira Legion

Photos taken by Betty Nowe October 16 2010
Please help me identify individuals in photos, hold your mouse pointer over any photo for the photo number, Thanks.

Photo 1

Wayne Skanes, Frank Isrial, Sylvia Rocke

photo 2

Ross Nafziger, Mike Wilson, Gary Hallman

photo 3

Dennis, Rick, Ross, Mike, Gary

photo 4

Dennis's wife, Dianne Puddester, Clayton Puddester, Ross Nafziger

photo 5

Rick, Ross, Mike, Gary

photo 6

Agnes Skanes, Dianne Puddester, Dennis, Nicole Clements, Riv Clements

photo 7

Dianne, Riv

photo 8

Sylvia, Wayne, Clayton, Riv, Nicole, Dianne