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J.M.Schneiders Signage

There were and still many different locations that have both very old and hopefully some new signs even our old truck boxes and trailers stuck out in farms would be interesting to photograph and pin point location. Many phones and cameras have google location ability, the pictures could pin on to Google Maps. As we well know there were a lot of good customer that love to have the Dutch Girl and trade mark displayed with their own business name with in the same sign. I know it was always a very positive profile with a great sense of pride, and still is. Now with all the cell phone with cameras it should make it possible for a good range of pictures. I remember a number of years ago there was an article on someone finding a JMS sign I believe in the south of the USA. To me it is a sense of our history that shows the positive pride and quality of Schneiders and relationship with the public. The brand name is still a sense of pride and very well should be.


Please send your Schneider Signage photos here with details,     schneiders1signage@gmail.com
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photo 1

Port Dover

photo 2

David Schneider and Joan Fraser at a Ranger Game in the Owen Sound Arena, several years ago.

photo 3

In front of Horizon Poultry Hatchery Plant Hanover, at night. The sign is now gone.

photo 4

The 401 highway sign taken shortly after the new LED sign had be completed. Thats my Yamaha.

photo 5

Taken this past summer at Hanks grocery store Hanover

photo 6

Willies at the beach Port Dover

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photo 7

Here is one of our rolling billboards, taken in Courtland Ave yard. This picture of Paul Brazeau with one of brokers tractor hooked up to it. I understand this is a picture he has and in the fore ground in a model unit in a case.
One of the most recognizable best looking company units Rolling Billboards/ BEC broker tractor/Paul Brazeau driver

photo 8

Game 6 at Kitchener April 5 2015, London Knights had won 3 games and Kitchener won 2 games. This is a photo of a London Knights Fan at the Auditorium. The Knight won the game and the series.

photo 9

The J.M.Schneiders model T delivery truck taken at a car show and sent to me by Doug.

photo 10

Sarah, as part of the Kitchener Rangers float for 2017 Oktoberfest parade, takes a moment to have her photo taken in front of the J M Schneiders float.

photo 11

photo 12

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photo 13


photo 14


photo 15


photo 16

photo 17

photo 18

photo 19

photo 20

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